Love . . .

by tkbrown

Love is like
the petals of a rose
soft and sweet
against your nose
with drops of dew
that actually glow.

So very slowly
the feeling grows
until you’re sure
that everyone knows
the love you feel
deep in your heart
for the one with whom
you never will part.

Written 1968 – First Love


Summer into Fall . . . a haiku by tkbrown

Summer’s hottest days

are the ones toward its end —

and then, fall begins.

Just some thoughts on 9/11 – Eighteen years ago today – the day known as 911 – the people of this country united as one against ‘the enemy’. Patriotism was at a pinnacle for a long time after that day. Now, patriotism is viewed as ‘far right’. This view is so far left that it does not even recognize itself.

When the best thing that can be said denigrates another, that is not patriotism – it is denigration. I would like to see some more of that patriotism that was so strong after 9/11. I hope it does not take another attack on our country to bring it back.

Book Lover’s Day

~~ by tkbrown ~~
Book Lover's Day shall be 'my day.'
I'll read a book, or maybe two --
and I won't stop until I'm through.
Then I'll reflect. What did it say?
Ill' take a walk down to the quay
before writing, sharing with you!
Book Lover's Day!

I've always loved books on display;
reading cheers me when I'm blue,
fills me up like a bowl of stew --
regardless of the day's genre.
Book Lover's Day
Photo by: Annabel Schoeman