The ‘Ides of March’

     ~~  a quindecim
by tkbrown

The ‘Ides of March’ bring tales of woe
in days of old and days of fro’.
Be it debt or death, thought awry . . .
blizzards or bombs, looks in the eye,
a knife in the back, just a glance
with crooked smile, deceit perchance.
One is jailed for an unpaid debt;
another assailed with an illness yet.
Disaster o’ercomes effort spent,
destroys all that this life hath lent.
Frailty brings one down to earth,
and forges diff’rent points of view.
In counting what this life is worth,
the ‘Ides of March’ cast sight askew . . .
O’ercome bad plight with hope anew!

          (Written 15 March 2019.)