Summertime 2020

~~ a quindecim
by tkbrown
Summertime! Summertime! So glad you're here!
Apricity, grilling, picnics galore
help us appreciate you soooo much more
as Covid-19 has brought most everyone fear.
Warm weather activities all around
entice forbidden choice which does abound--
water sports, basking in alluring sun--
have beaches packed along gulf, bay, ocean.
Rivers and lakes add boating, fishing too;
camping, floating, rafting, a gumbo roux
and not a few more add to the allure--
such a tempting lot most do adore.
Social distancing does not fit the scheme,
nor does the nightmarish midnight dream
of sickness and death, the 'wakening scream.'


Image Above: Seascape, Sailboating by Francine Sreca


The Top . . .

~~ a quindecim
by tkbrown
Spinning! Spinning! Still, but Spinning!
The contents are naught but a blur . . . 
open windows appear opaque.
Seemingly still, but moving fast
on triangular pedestal
perched tall, straight above the tip.
Bulbous body -- visual blip --
spinning, spinning while standing tall.
How long can such sweet posture last?
Not one jiggle the spin doth make --
spinning, spinning -- faster, faster.
Then just a slight wobble is seen,
then one more if your eyes are keen --
then the top can be seen again.
Old Fashioned Toy Top