Calendar Quindecims March

by tkbrown
March winds arrive with blustery sunshine chill
marching through forests, over hill and dale.
Through plains lands, swamplands, farmlands and cities,
o'er countryside filled with dogs and kitties,
she makes her presence known as birds chirp songs
heralding springtime's parading entrance:
bright yellow greens in variegating dance
with blazing white dazzle in royal throngs.
Colors of the rainbow fill ground and tree
as yards, orchards, forests call to the bee --
whilst a jubilant melody exudes
from the wren, robin and goldfinch etudes.
Home garden plantings, wheat land plantings too,
fill a hustling, bustling nonchalant hue
with lists of tasks and fun yet left to do!

Image by Jill Wellington of Pixabay

Calendar Quindecims February

~~ by tkbrown
February slides into place, the chilly air takes on ice;
what was new, fun to explore -- now, not so nice.
The urge to get out and about, feel sunshine's sway
set into motion -- builds up need -- by one really nice day.
Thoughts linger on the garden a bit, the taste of fresh produce
on the tip of the tongue excites the taste buds, begins to induce
a yearning, a longing, for the freshness -- the sweetness -- of spring,
new leaves on trees, red and white flow'ring and new songs to sing.
Days yet cloudy make that fireplace hearth a nice place to stand
as we dream about sunshine, start tilling that land in our mind.
Sometimes in winter, a brief break is nice -- time to rekindle the fire,
rejuvenating those coals from that early, dark morning hour.
Starting those beans with some onion, garlic, hock of holiday ham --
making sourdough bread for some sweet butter and jam,
and the comforting savor of an enticing entre made with a yam.