Calendar Quindecims March

by tkbrown
March winds arrive with blustery sunshine chill
marching through forests, over hill and dale.
Through plains lands, swamplands, farmlands and cities,
o'er countryside filled with dogs and kitties,
she makes her presence known as birds chirp songs
heralding springtime's parading entrance:
bright yellow greens in variegating dance
with blazing white dazzle in royal throngs.
Colors of the rainbow fill ground and tree
as yards, orchards, forests call to the bee --
whilst a jubilant melody exudes
from the wren, robin and goldfinch etudes.
Home garden plantings, wheat land plantings too,
fill a hustling, bustling nonchalant hue
with lists of tasks and fun yet left to do!

Image by Jill Wellington of Pixabay

Calendar Quindecims – October 2019

           — by tkbrown


October brings cooler days and colder nights
blanketed with red and yellow,
crimson and orange — color sights
to deck the hills, welcome bellows
whence we fan the flame on cold nights.
Bonfires and hayrides, fun for all,
caramel apples and smores bites
fill tummies midst those dunking calls.
Bobbing for apples, ghoulish frights
are all part of October fare;
fall festivals and frightful dights
round out the Trick or Treat scare.
Then as the month comes to a close
we pull out our warm winter clothes,
wear a scarf to cover our nose.


Photo above:
Fall Apple Harvest -- Portland Monthly @


Cooling Our Fall . . .

Photo by: jplenio at

— a haiku septet by tkbrown

Nights are cooler now,
the days unbearably hot.
Fall will be here soon.

Cooler nights begin
to cool both ends of the days --
morning and evening.

Then the midday temp
brings forth a welcome relief -
color's bright array!

Hills and vales display
bright colors on God's palette -
Fiery, vibrant view!

Apples and pumpkins,
with acorn and butternut -
paint the food display.

Everywhere colors
show mellowing with the age -
quaintly beautiful!

Paving a path with love
as the end appears ahead -
a transitioning!