‘Old Souls’

~~ a Sonnet ~~

~~ by tkbrown
All of us are 'old souls' at heart--sometimes
--when we tire of tuning out mem'ry chimes
from days gone by when hearts and souls were young
with dreams where 'old souls' upon hopes were hung.
Our drift in night mist yields fleeting coup d'oeil.
Fetching rumination: "What is the deal?"
These souls--now old--wafting solo concept
of youthful observance fleetingly kept.
Just when we think we have accepted age,
up canters a grandchild--modern-day sage--
strumming and singing on our private stage;
reviving mem'ries from 'young souls' of yore
as magical wings proffer buoyant core
envisioning dreams, aspirations soar.


Photo Above: freeimages.com


Dreams, on Gossamer Wings

~~ by tkbrown

Slumber creeps in and takes one away
to a world of gentle dreams yet to be in day.
Gossamer wings soar in soft gentle sway --
glistening, drifting, dissipating the fray.
Messages twinkle and flash on each wing
as images move in and dreams begin to sing
~~ on Gossamer Wings!

Dawn breaks open a brand new day
with all that it holds in store,
and she speaks from a far distant shore --
nudges, crowds, leads, wakens the way
as she whispers a soft gentle sway,
Sunlight shines bright as it begins a new fray
~~ on Gossamer Wings!
Photo by: David Clode on Unsplash.com