The Reason . . .

~~ by tkbrown ~~

The tree is up, tinsel is strung;
ornaments are still to be hung.
Music of ‘carols’ fills the air,
eggnog is poured for all to share.

Mistletoe pinned above the door
waits to prompt a kiss for the fair
maiden awaiting her genteel knight
to gently whisk her out of sight.

Nutcracker stands guard in the night,
sentinel o’er all we hold tight —
gifts, goodies, special people too —
keeping them all just out of view.

Techie gizmos, trinkets — a few,
games and gadgets bidding adieu
to yester-year, all once held dear —
sentiment lost midst sparkling cheer.

Glitter and glitz are everywhere
exuding, extolling to share
excitement and spirit amidst
festive colors ample assist.

Nowhere is seen the sentiment
thought to be a strong permanent
expression of this Holy season,
and no one cares to give reason.

Commercial wiles have overtaken
the public reason for this season;
thus, with sadness some shall lament
celebration of each red cent.

Have We Forgotten the Reason?