February 2021

~~ a calendar quindecim ~~

by tkbrown
Winter Wonderland
January moves into February,
and winter has settled in.
Sunny skies are often cloudy;
snow is on its way again.
Wind is blowing, howling--
a reminder to stay in and warm.
Hot soup will tame stomach's growling
and the goosebumps on my arm.
Awakening to a new day dawning,
out the window is now a wonderland,
a roaring fire in the stove is warming,
novelty in the air is quite grand.
Being snowed in can be so charming
if we fill the time with games, reading--
cooking memories for future sharing.


Photo Above: by Long Luc @Unsplash.com.


Calendar Quindecims January

~~ by tkbrown

January brings in a brand new year,
gives all a blank slate, fresh start will appear.
So, if last year did not end very well --
in time, there will be a new tale to tell.
Put another log on the nesting fire,
kick back for some time with your heart's desire.
Cold days, colder nights make family
huddle inside, sipping cocoa with glee.
The morning sun seems a lot brighter now,
glistening through the ice on ev'ry tree bough.
Winter's wonderland inspires awe in view --
savor the mem'ry 'afore melted through.
Those who like the cold relish winter's beau,
missing the beauty before it moves fro --
making way for springs flowery brow.