Endings . . .

by tkbrown

Saying ‘Goodbye’ to days of old,
preparing for new days in view;
watching the old wind down, expire —
one last ‘Hurrah’ before the due.

Parties galore, much to be done,
friends will gather, endless blather;
dressed to the nines, bidding good will,
eating hors d’oeuvres . . . crackers a ‘slather.

Everyone gathers New Year’s Eve
to watch ‘old year out’, ‘new year in’;
knowing good times ‘of old’ are gone
and will never be seen again.

Talk of ‘those days’ enjoyed you’ll hear —
reminiscings heard all around —
until ‘Clock’ bids ‘the old’ adieu
and loudly the buzzer doth sound.

Then all will lift arms high in toast
to the brand-new year we accrue
as the chorus of Robert Burns’
‘Auld Lang Syne’ ends the ‘old year’ true.

‘Old Long Since,’ the Scottish ditty
all will sing, brings the ‘old year’s end’
while welcoming in the ‘brand new’ . . .
new beginnings and ways to mend.

Resolutions are made by all —
it seems — as they strive to start anew;
good will and intent toasts are raised . . .
promising ties will last with you.