a Rondine by tkbrown

Ingratitude is an attitude
that can interfere with calm life,
fills it with ire, trouble and strife,
allows rage to gain altitude
as voice ramps up the amplitude --
volume overflowing with rife . . .

It leads to responses of rude
interchange with one's husband or wife
that wounds the soul, cuts like a knife,
leaving disbelief at such a rude . . .
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First Cup of Joe . . .

a Rondine ~~ by tkbrown
First cup of joe in early morn --
it starts the day in bliss array;
clearing the mist almost away,
aroma wafting high airborne,
opulent pleasure ever worn
throughout the day to mold the fray.
First cup of joe!

Anticipative thoughts adorn
the scent its brewing casts my way --
words to describe are wont to say,
casting aside the fog forlorn!
First cup of joe!
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Book Lover’s Day

~~ by tkbrown ~~
Book Lover's Day shall be 'my day.'
I'll read a book, or maybe two --
and I won't stop until I'm through.
Then I'll reflect. What did it say?
Ill' take a walk down to the quay
before writing, sharing with you!
Book Lover's Day!

I've always loved books on display;
reading cheers me when I'm blue,
fills me up like a bowl of stew --
regardless of the day's genre.
Book Lover's Day
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