I — The Way He Should Go . . .

~~ a multiple stanza quindecim

by tkbrown
A parent gives name to a newborn child
hoping for temperament low-key and mild.
Impossible to foresee the path trod,
they--two--prayerfully implore most high God:
Watch over and keep him on the right track;
when in smelting fire, please hold to his back.
Help him to learn the pathway he should choose
with plenty of room and nothing to lose
so long as he looks for the Lighted Path
and seeks to help others avoid God's wrath.
When he grows weary give lift to his wings,
replenish his strength,  give voice as he sings.
Help him tune in to your heavenly voice;
as he ponders  the way, then makes his choice
give mom and dad a vision to rejoice.
(Written: 10 February 2021 by tkbrown.)


(Continued at: II — The Way He Should Go. . . .)


Picture Above: by Bessi @pixabay.com.


Dreams, on Gossamer Wings

~~ by tkbrown

Slumber creeps in and takes one away
to a world of gentle dreams yet to be in day.
Gossamer wings soar in soft gentle sway --
glistening, drifting, dissipating the fray.
Messages twinkle and flash on each wing
as images move in and dreams begin to sing
~~ on Gossamer Wings!

Dawn breaks open a brand new day
with all that it holds in store,
and she speaks from a far distant shore --
nudges, crowds, leads, wakens the way
as she whispers a soft gentle sway,
Sunlight shines bright as it begins a new fray
~~ on Gossamer Wings!
Photo by: David Clode on Unsplash.com