Calendar Quindecims – November 2020

~~ by tkbrown
November brings election day
with voter's choice in government.
Who will be chosen president?
Representatives holding sway
these four years past will be informed--
with each vote cast--the view now held
as constituents vote to say
just how goes home and who shall stay.
Along with senators to be felled,
satisfaction for service--now
renowned--by all will be made known.
Some will boast smiles while others frown
as the message sent reveals how
the next four years will now take form.
All will have cast votes for the norm:
will it be new or seats kept warm?


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By tkbrown

I believe family is a gift from God and should be treated as such. I love writing with a broad array of intent and purpose. I have written poetry virtually all my life, and much nonfiction in academia. My expanded efforts in all areas have finally taken off in retirement. I have much to accomplish now that I have the time. Other hobbies are painting, researching ancestry and myriad topics for my writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking -- always trying new recipes and always cooking for my health. I have many other hobbies, but these seem to dominate most of my time. Oh, did I mention I am the mother of three grown children and grandmother of seven. I have been blessed immensely and am the happier for it.


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