Thanksgiving–Not as Seen Before

~~ by tkbrown — ≥∑
Thanksgiving--not as seen  before--
limiting self to hearth and home,
mask mandates anywhere you roam,
restricting groups to ten--no more--
if they gather behind closed door.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

The turkey--much smaller than last year--
roast and wrap with cornbread dressing.
Taunted taste buds dream of tasting--
sometimes an apple in the core
with spices, onion cut into four.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Social distance is still the chant.
Some adhere while others ignore.
Dangerous surges, death counts soar--
no reason for fare to be scant.
Come one, come all--uncle and aunt.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

"Turkey, dressing," the constant rant--
green beans, yams, casseroles galore,
cranberry relish, pies and more.
Tasty morsels making one pant--
food is now ready, plates are sent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Some of us will abide the score
set forth by those in government
rather than risk that rudiment--
the viral germ outside the door
ruining life for the party goer.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Giving thanks is the sentiment--
bonding infused with leaden ore--
the hearts of some recall the gore,
prefer to emit resentment
for losses, lives that have been bent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

How to give thanks midst all the grief?
How to make mem'ries that will soar
amidst COVID's hellacious war?
How to move past and find relief,
giving thanks, not able to share?
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Faith doth answer, provides an oar.
It builds a raft when hearts are rent,
He is your tabernacle tent.
Row to Him, cling to His harbor,
tell Him your sorrow--aching sore.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Let Him hold you, secure though bent.
Place your worries there in His care.
His love will reduce wear and tear
and calm each tempest you lament.
Peace so serene when we can vent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.


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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

a quindecim triad
~~ by tkbrown ~~
As Thanksgiving Day approaches our minds reflect
upon those things for which we can be thankful.
This year, in particular, as we attempt to deflect
some of the year's more unpleasant, distasteful
aspects recently passed, perhaps our thought
might linger on those very things we would rather
forget. The coronavirus, for instance, has wrought
havoc on the entire world, and still it grows . . . stronger.
Many have lost loved ones as it ravaged our homes,
our lives, our nations, our world. Has it beleaguered
our universe too? Our losses seem greater in domes
fabricated by the quarantines and other featured
components of our lives. Can we see--e'en for a moment
that we are blessed to be alive and able to ruminate
and to formulate gratitude in the losses we repudiate.

E'en through the unpleasant times and events
occurring throughout the year, our world has paused
to focus upon giving medical care in hospital tents
erected by the armed forces, necessitated and caused
by a desire to save lives. In countries large and small,
pharmaceutical teams have hovered over petri dishes,
laboring hours upon end, striving to answer the call
for vaccine and treatment options to grant wishes
and supply clinical trials. The scientific world
pulls together, competing to be the frontrunner
in this race with death after being hurled
headfirst into a wall toward which time's gunner
attempts to take away more precious lives.
Children are losing parents, and husbands are losing wives,
hospitals are losing the battle in which each strives.

As we approach this special Day of Thanksgiving,
I implore the world to join with us in prayer--
bowed heads and humble hearts of the living.
While we collectively ask for strength to care
about the needs of those who are hurting,
and join together in prayers of uplifting praise,
offering thanks for the resources relieving
limitations on production, mending the frays
of education, entertainment, and self-care.
Technology, far more advanced than ever before,
has opened doors and built bridges o'er
land and sea to bring a hurting world together.
Let us bow our heads in a world-wide prayer
thanking God for bringing us together
and for the support we receive from each other.


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Silver Moon Croons

~~ by tkbrown
The moon, so large and full tonight
hovers above the mountaintop
billowing out so round and bright
one might think it is broad daylight.
Driving up, one may want to stop,
take a picture -- romantic sight.

I ha' ne'er seen such bonny light
so near and clear, tugging a tear,
unrestricted, soaring through night
on a course of purposeful might
but pausing here with strength to share,
painting mem'ry to be held tight.

What are you saying, Silver Moon,
singing such a delightful tune?
Holding me back with song you croon,
lighting my path, lunar lumen
capture my heart, making me swoon --
elegance royal, Silver Moon!

You call me to your silver side
with pow'r mighty, controlling tide,
nary a cloud for you to hide
shining face with a smile so wide;
clearing a trail whence we may ride --
reflecting romance, Silver Tide!

Glimmering light shining so bright,
catching a breath upon the heath,
capturing eye beneath the sky --
why, oh why; please tell me why,
to those beneath, do you bequeath
mem'ry tonight -- beautiful sight?

I'll ne'er forget your light tonight,
mem'rable sway in bright array
giving my heart such a sweet start
with stunning art, the dark you thwart
and bring night-day into the fray --
curing the blight of inky night.


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A Winter Sonnet Not

~~ by tkbrown


As winter closes in, nights turn from cool
to cold; wind chimes echo season’s sweet carol.
Cyclone snowstorms circle a northern realm
dumping snow and ice — Old Man Winter’s helm.
A deep, silent blanket quiets all and frees
a wonderland of miniature trees
mingled with houses dwarfed by such depths
of icy precipitation and street troughs
now cleared deep ‘mongst the puffy white blanket
mounds draped across the frigid landscape net.
Living in winter’s wonderland of snow
hinders all daily movement to and fro;
no designs from Jack Frost on the window
for it only reveals cold, bleak, white snow
blanketing all, piled high to that tree bough —
Winter’s Wonderland reels all motion — Slow!


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Thanksgiving . . .

~~ by tkbrown ~~
Thanksgiving comes 'round but once in a year;
families gather to engage in prayer
for all new blessings received with much care.

Food will be eaten, much has been spread
it seems everywhere except on the bed,
a colorful view -- yellow, green and red.

There is so much food, it is hard to choose --
a bit of this, a bit of that -- a ruse,
fanfare tries hard to not indulge abuse.

Family time for all, with love is cast
to the forefront instead of placing last --
so much sharing to recover the past.

It's hard to slip even a word edgewise,
and many a word we must now excise;
do not interrupt, it would not be wise.

Keep this and that under your wide-brimmed hat,
because saying it might create a spat --
one surely would not want the guild of that.

Memories are made for all to recall,
and pictures are posed to hang on the wall --
festivities grand are enjoyed by all.


Notes: A seven-stanza triplet is chosen for this poem. Both the English triplet and the Italian tercet consist of three-line stanzas. The Italian terset originated first and encompasses many poetic forms.

The original form consisted of three lines with ten or twelve syllables each and varied rhyme schemes. The more structured English triplet consists of three ten or twelve syllable monorhymed lines (monorhymed: rhymed with a single repetitious end sound). The poem may consist of any number of stanzas.

Other forms of the tercet include the haiku, the senryu, the Villanelle and the Terza Rima. The tercet in varied forms was favored in Romance literature of the Middle Ages.


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God’s Within . . .

~~ by tkbrown

I look out above the horizon
and what do I see
but a beautiful sunset
reaching out to me.

As I scan the beautiful sunset
just what do I see
but the majestic creation
from God’s palette to me

The vibrant hues He has chosen
touch all that’s ’round about,
embracing all He created,
making simplicity stand out.

The smallest things enlarged for viewing
‘midst vibrant rays and hues that shout,
can take the breath of the viewer
showing ‘God’s Within’ without.


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