Thanksgiving–Not as Seen Before

~~ by tkbrown — ≥∑
Thanksgiving--not as seen  before--
limiting self to hearth and home,
mask mandates anywhere you roam,
restricting groups to ten--no more--
if they gather behind closed door.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

The turkey--much smaller than last year--
roast and wrap with cornbread dressing.
Taunted taste buds dream of tasting--
sometimes an apple in the core
with spices, onion cut into four.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Social distance is still the chant.
Some adhere while others ignore.
Dangerous surges, death counts soar--
no reason for fare to be scant.
Come one, come all--uncle and aunt.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

"Turkey, dressing," the constant rant--
green beans, yams, casseroles galore,
cranberry relish, pies and more.
Tasty morsels making one pant--
food is now ready, plates are sent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Some of us will abide the score
set forth by those in government
rather than risk that rudiment--
the viral germ outside the door
ruining life for the party goer.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Giving thanks is the sentiment--
bonding infused with leaden ore--
the hearts of some recall the gore,
prefer to emit resentment
for losses, lives that have been bent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

How to give thanks midst all the grief?
How to make mem'ries that will soar
amidst COVID's hellacious war?
How to move past and find relief,
giving thanks, not able to share?
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Faith doth answer, provides an oar.
It builds a raft when hearts are rent,
He is your tabernacle tent.
Row to Him, cling to His harbor,
tell Him your sorrow--aching sore.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.

Let Him hold you, secure though bent.
Place your worries there in His care.
His love will reduce wear and tear
and calm each tempest you lament.
Peace so serene when we can vent.
Thanksgiving--not as seen before.


Background Photo Above: by monicore @


Heading Words Adaptation on Background Photo Above: by tkbrown – ≥∑.


By tkbrown

I believe family is a gift from God and should be treated as such. I love writing with a broad array of intent and purpose. I have written poetry virtually all my life, and much nonfiction in academia. My expanded efforts in all areas have finally taken off in retirement. I have much to accomplish now that I have the time. Other hobbies are painting, researching ancestry and myriad topics for my writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking -- always trying new recipes and always cooking for my health. I have many other hobbies, but these seem to dominate most of my time. Oh, did I mention I am the mother of three grown children and grandmother of seven. I have been blessed immensely and am the happier for it.


  1. Guten Tag.

    Der einen Seele
    ist zu danken
    dass wir
    unserem Leben sind

    die Freude
    den Schmerz
    das Leid zu ertragen
    das ist der Sinn

    dem wenigen
    was ein Mensch
    wirklich der Welt
    sich selber bewirken
    sich selbst sein kann

    Herzliche Grüße
    Hans Gamma


    Good day.

    The one soul
    is to be thanked
    that we
    our lives are

    the joy
    the pain
    to endure the suffering
    this is the meaning

    the few
    what a
    really the world
    cause oneself
    can be self

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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