My Morning Do . . . What Would You Do?

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4 December 2020 — What would be your response–action, reaction, non-action, somewhere in between–if you came home from work and when you walked into the area accentuated by the Christmas tree, found it to be graced by a new decoration–oddly enough, a marsupial? I could not help but do a double-take when I saw the picture of the newly decorated Christmas tree.

A woman in southern Australia did just that. She walked in to find a local marsupial clinging to her Christmas tree. In fact, it was such an unusual occurrence as to cause the local 1-300koalaz line to think it was a prank call. Not so, this call. When she arrived home, she found a real live koala to be the newest decoration on her Christmas tree. If you would like to read the article and see the picture, click this url: Koala found in Australian Christmas tree – CNN – › koala-christmas-tree-australia-scli-intl. It makes an interesting read.

Upon realizing the call was a genuine request for assistance with a koala on the Christmas tree, the organization responded, removed the marsupial to a locale more suited to its lifestyle while still allowing it to interact with humans in a safe environment.

The report on CNN went on to note a common error people make when referring to the coala as a “bear.” The koala is a marsupial rather than a bear. Marsupials are mammals which carry their young in a pouch on the mother’s abdomen. It is birthed in a stage of development requiring protection which allows continued development for some time yet. Australia seems to be a preferred homeland for marsupials. Interestingly enough, North America (north of Mexico) is home to only one species of marsupial–the opossum.



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By tkbrown

I believe family is a gift from God and should be treated as such. I love writing with a broad array of intent and purpose. I have written poetry virtually all my life, and much nonfiction in academia. My expanded efforts in all areas have finally taken off in retirement. I have much to accomplish now that I have the time. Other hobbies are painting, researching ancestry and myriad topics for my writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking -- always trying new recipes and always cooking for my health. I have many other hobbies, but these seem to dominate most of my time. Oh, did I mention I am the mother of three grown children and grandmother of seven. I have been blessed immensely and am the happier for it.


  1. I get the feeling I would try to pick it up…However, given koalas do bite, that create a not-so-fun emergency room trip. Still, what a lucky woman, I’m sure this will make an interesting family story for years.

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