by tkbrown
tkbrown.org ~~ “greater than or equal to the sum.”

for a product that is a cut above . . .


“writer, poet, essayist, artist, reader”

Come in and sit a spell!

I am so glad you stopped in today. I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here, and come back often. I have much for you to view, read, and study. When you are through, please take the time at the end to let me know what you think. If you like what you see, please click the “Like” button and leave a comment as to “How” and “Why” you like it.

Please come back often! I have much for you to peruse. This welcome page is just the beginning. I am a poet, a writer, an essayist, an artist, and a reader. My topics are wide and varied. One day I may write about life in general, another about politics, scripture, a devotional, my own viewpoint of something, history, or an impromptu on “My Morning Do . . . “.

Please see my concept menu with dropdowns above, or scroll down to see the archives (with dropdowns) and the top posts. I hope you like what you read, but I want to hear from you when you don’t like it as well.

Whatever draws your eye, please read and leave a comment in the reply section. I try to respond to all comments. I am also writing a historical fiction novel and a couple of poetry books (among other books), so there will be times I may not post every week, but usually I will make two or three posts per week. So, please check back often for my new content.

I look forward to your future visits and invite your views of what you see and read. Until next time, ‘so long’ and may your days be productive, healthy, and blessed! Godspeed!

~~ tkbrown @tkbrown.org.


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